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Jane Sherman

Watch those with dementia
as they share their stories.


Cannan & James’ Story

This video is a conversation with James and Cannan Hyde, residents of Black Mountain, NC about what it is to live with dementia.










Caregivers Unite from Simon Reinert on Vimeo.

Beth Reinert put her life on hold to take care of another. Her mother was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease in 2007 and Beth has been giving her care ever since. Beth’s son, Simon, made this film to honor both his mother and grandmother. To read more of her story, go to CaregiversUNITE.org.



Living with Dementia – Please talk WITH us not ABOUT us 2014″

Three participants from the Memory Loss Collaborative support groups in Asheville once again appear together to share their stories and experience of living with the gradual and complicated losses of dementia – this time at the 2014 Sacred Journey of Dementia conference. Larry, Carole and James all have different diagnoses but share many common experiences. They speak about how important it is to be able to share with one another as it is so difficult for those who do not have the diagnosis to understand the constantly shifting landscape of their daily lives. Once again they emphasize how they are moving from living out of their heads… to their hearts.





Dementia: Caregivers’ Stories

Three Care Partners – Cannan, Bill and Linda – participate in a panel at the 2014 conference, The Sacred Journey of Dementia in Asheville NC to share their experiences of being caregivers/care partners to their spouses, all of whom have some form of dementia.







Dr. Virginia Templeton, MemoryCare

Virginia Templeton, MD – Executive Director and staff physician at MemoryCare in Asheville NC, provided a thoughtful presentation at the 2014 Sacred Journey of Dementia conference on the impact of cognitive impairments due to the many brain diseases that cause dementia. MemoryCare is a unique and award winning medical practice in Asheville that devotes its practice exclusively to caring for those with some form of dementia. Their staff of five doctors, each of whom has a specialty background, provide their patients with unusual quality care, which includes that rare quality – time to listen.





Mahan Siler invites us to ‘follow the thread’

Keynote Speaker, Mahan Siler, offered the participants in the 2014 conference, The Sacred Journey of Dementia, in Asheville, NC, an opportunity to explore their own histories and values in how they respond to living with the challenges of dementia – both for those who have received a diagnosis and those who have not.






Dr. Lisa Verges, Keynote Talk, “Resurrecting Hope”

Dr. Lisa Verges, a geriatric psychiatrist with MemoryCare medical practice for persons with dementia, gave the Keynote address at The Sacred Journey of Dementia conference in Asheville, NC in April 2013.






“Living with Dementia – Please talk WITH us not ABOUT us 2013”

This video was taped at The Sacred Journey of Dementia conference in Asheville, NC in April 2013 of a panel of four individuals – Earl Thompson, Jane Garrison, Bill Leavell and Larry Stanley – who each have a diagnosis of dementia sharing their concerns – facilitated by Jane Sherman.













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