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Living in a “Do-Over” World by Marty

janesherman-dooverblogMarty is a beloved friend from my childhood and she’s always had a wicked sense of humor.  Now that she’s living with some new challenges due to a diagnosis with early memory issues, that humor is serving her well.  Recently after telling me these “Do-Over” stories, I asked if she would be willing to write them down so that they can be shared with others… who might just find them familiar.

Since I’ve been diagnosed with an early memory loss disorder, there are times when I feel as if life has become a series of “Do-Overs”. Just when I think I’ve successfully accomplished something, I may have to do it over, having unknowingly missed some key piece of the action. Like now, when I have to keep re-typing words to spell them correctly.

The easier Do-Overs are those that only have to do with time. For example, I could finish working in the yard, take all the tools and put them back in the garage, and go into the kitchen. Looking out the window, I realize that the clippers are still sitting on the table. So I have to go out, get the clippers, open the garage door, replace the clippers, close the garage door, and go back into the kitchen, hopefully for the last time.

Then there’s the rental car that I booked for the wrong days. When I first decided to rent this car, I knew I’d be getting into town late on a Sat. and would want the car starting Sun. By the time I actually called the car rental people, this had somehow morphed into a rental that started on Mon. Looking at my calendar shortly before making that trip, I realized that I needed to rent from Sun. – Fri., not Mon. – Fri. I had to call the rental company, change the dates, and pay more money. Another Do-Over!

Then there are the Do-Over’s that involve both time and distance. I really hate these. I was planning to make a cookie recipe and realized that I didn’t have enough eggs. So I took the written (mandatory!) grocery list that was already on the counter, went to the store, bought all my goodies, got home and put them away. Back to the cookie recipe, and I realized that I hadn’t bought the eggs. I hadn’t thought to add them to the list, and we all know how that works. Now it’s back to the car, drive to the store, get the eggs, wait in line again, and drive home. What a pain!

My all-time least favorite Do-Over is choosing the wrong direction when returning to an interstate highway. A few days ago I got off an interstate and found a gas station/mini-mart right there at the exit. Good news! As I walked into the station, I saw the direction signs for returning to the highway, so I thought I was all set. Not!

I drove out of the station and stopped at a red light. One sign said to turn right to go west, and the other said to go straight to go east on the highway. In my world these days, turning right means you’re going east, but not here. Now I’m confused. I knew where I was going but not whether I‘d been headed east or west. The light was turning green, so I had to make a decision based on a combination of guesswork and confusion. I made a choice, got on the highway, and shortly realized that I was going in the wrong direction. Major Do-Over! Drive all the way to the next exit, get off, reverse directions, and drive all the way back to where I just was. Too much fun.

I just hope I don’t have to Do-Over this article.


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