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Imposter? – a Poem by James Hyde

janesherman-Hyde'sPoemblogThis poem was written during a time when James Hyde was struggling with his diagnosis of Alzheimer’s disease because some friends and family members were having a difficult time with that diagnosis. Was it Alzheimer’s or MCI (mild cognitive impairment)? He was uncertain as how to deal with the ambivalence of the diagnosis process and at the same time respond to well-meaning comments. Writing this poem became part of his process in accepting his diagnosis during a difficult and puzzling time.  He is hopeful that it will be helpful to someone who is dealing with a new diagnosis.


Who is this imposter that has captured my body?
How did it happen? When did it happen?
I do not know.

It was so gradual that I did not notice.
And then – silently it was accomplished!
Subtlety loading up my brain with propaganda about illness, he
seized control and I was compromised. Identity theft!

Now, I am surviving, sorting out the puzzle, securing as much as I
can of knowledge.

That potion of healing concoction, the elixir of the soul,
steadies my shaking hand.

This garment that clothes me has surrendered to an unseen force.
I long to be naked, born as a new infant.

Is this folly? Am I entering into a world of Light?
I do not know. I only observe, seeing yet not fully comprehending.
Is it me?

 James Hyde
August 2012      

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